Apply for ACP

Affordable Connectivity Program

Once you’ve gathered the documents you need, you’re ready to apply for the Affordable Connectivity Program and receive your benefits. Be sure to have these items ready before you start.

If you currently have home internet

Many home internet providers will help their customers enroll in this program. Contact your provider. They will help you receive your benefit.

If you don’t have home internet

If you currently don’t have home internet, you can apply online, by mail, or through a provider.


There, you’ll provide the information you gathered.

By mail

  1. Fill out and print an application:
    English application | Spanish application | Application Instructions
  2. Complete an optional Household Worksheet (recommended by USAC)
    English worksheet | Spanish worksheet | Household Worksheet Instructions
  3. Mail in these documents and copies of the documents you gathered to:
    ACP Support Center
    PO Box 7081
    London, KY 40742

Find a provider

If you don’t have home internet, you can contact a provider. They will set you up with home internet and help you apply for ACP.

Find a provider near you.