Executive order

In August 2020, Governor Newsom signed Executive Order N-73-20PDF to improve digital connectivity across the state. The order directed the Broadband Council to develop a statewide Broadband Action Plan and promote digital equity throughout California.

The Broadband Council completed the Broadband for All Action Plan in December of 2020, just four short months later. For progress status toward the completion of Action Plan items, visit the Broadband Action Plan progress tracker.

Executive order item status

The first and last columns map executive order items as they are carried over to corresponding Action Plan items.

order item
DescriptionLeadStatusAction plan item
1Pursue minimum broadband speeds to guide infrastructure investmentsCalifornia Broadband Council
In progress
2Develop Broadband Action PlanCalifornia Broadband Council
3Data and mapping effortsCalifornia Public Utilities Commission
In progress
4Convene private sector companies to understand/predict broadband demandCalifornia Department of Technology, Department of General Services, Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development
In progress
5Catalogue state and federal funding opportunitiesGovernor’s Office of Business and Economic Development
6State contracting and procurementCalifornia Department of Technology, Department of General Services
In progress
7Installation of conduit and/or fiber into all appropriate and feasible transportation projects along strategic corridorsCalifornia Department of Transportation
In progress
8Use existing state programs to accelerate broadband deployment and to leverage utility infrastructure to increase access to existing fiber and cost-effectively deploy new fiberCalifornia Public Utilities Commission
In progress
9Inventory of state property for state broadband infrastructure Department of General Services
In progress
10Coordinate with jurisdictions implementing Next-Generation 9-1-1 to expand broadband infrastructure to enhance public safety and disaster preparedness.California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services
In progress
11Facilitate new broadband projects that support precision agriculture and food systems in rural communities; and inventory existing broadband connectivity at all fairgrounds.California Department of Food and Agriculture
In progress
12Provide recommendations to the CPUC to increase free or low-cost broadband connectivity at all publicly subsidized housing communities for residential units.California Department of Housing and Community Development
In progress
13Coordinate outreach efforts of existing statewide programs and institutions to inform residents of affordable Internet service offerings.Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development
In progress
14Lead statewide efforts to ensure that students have the computing devices and connectivity necessary for distance learning and online instruction.California Department of Education
In progress
15Analyze the needs of people ages 60 and older for access to affordable, reliable, high-speed broadband, and to identify program and partnership opportunities.California Department of Aging
In progress