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Digital Equity Ecosystem Mapping (DEEM) tool

California is creating a map of all organizations that work to end the digital divide. Get counted and share how you help your community get connected. This tool aims to gather data on the digital equity programs and services being offered by California organizations, coalitions, and agencies. Your input will help inform how future digital equity capacity grant dollars are allocated.

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The California Department of Technology (CDT) has been designated as the State’s administering entity for the State Digital Equity Planning Grant Program. CDT will utilize the planning grant to produce a State Digital Equity Plan (SDEP) over the next year.

The SDEP will build on the State’s Broadband for All programs. It will shape how the State administers additional funding from the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) over the next five years.

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act requires that State Digital Equity Plans must clearly identify the digital equity barriers for eight Covered Populations:

  1. Individuals who live in covered households (as defined by IIJA);
  2. Aging individuals;
  3. Incarcerated individuals, other than individuals who are incarcerated in a Federal

    correctional facility;

  4. Veterans;
  5. Individuals with disabilities;
  6. Individuals with a language barrier, including individuals who—
    • a. Are English learners; and
    • b. Have low levels of literacy;
  7. Individuals who are members of a racial or ethnic minority group; and
  8. Individuals who primarily reside in a rural area.

The SDEP must also identify the state’s plan to address outcomes in key priority areas including education, healthcare, digital equity and inclusion, economic and workforce development, and civic participation and access to essential services.

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