Affordable connectivity program

Affordable Connectivity Program

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has announced that ACP will “freeze” on February 7, 2024 at 8:59 PM Pacific Time (California Time) after which no new ACP enrollments will be accepted.

The last day the ACP will accept new applications and enrollments is February 7, 2024. Eligible households must be approved and enrolled with an ISP by 11:59pm ET on Feb 7th to receive the ACP benefit. Starting February 8, 2024, there will be no more enrollments into the ACP.

Households that are currently receiving a monthly ACP benefit will start to receive notices from their internet companies with information about the end of the ACP benefit starting January 2024. This information will include timing of the end of the program and the impact of the loss of the benefit on the household’s bill and service.

The FCC anticipates existing ACP funding to run out at the end of April 2024, with only a partial benefit available in May, if Congress does not provide additional funding. Households that are enrolled in ACP will continue to receive their benefit on internet service through April 2024. This date may change

Visit the FCC website for more information about the wind down of the Affordable Connectivity Program

Find Other Affordable Service Programs

Home internet service is critical for all individuals. The cost of internet remains a barrier for many people.

We’ve partnered with EveryoneOn* and the California Emerging Technology Fund to help you find programs in your area:

  • Low-cost internet service
  • Computer offers
  • Digital skills training (like computer and internet basics)

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