Broadband initiatives

Teenage girl helping her grandfather use a laptop computer.

Broadband for All Action Plan

In response to executive order N-73-20, the California Broadband Council developed the “Broadband for All” Action Plan with the understanding that broadband access, adoption, and training are essential components of digital equity.

A roll of orange broadband cable in front of a rural building.

Middle-Mile Broadband Initiative

In July 2021, Governor Newsom signed SB 156. This directed the California Department of Technology to develop a statewide, open-access middle-mile network. SB 156 provides $3.25 billion to build the necessary infrastructure to bring internet connectivity to homes, businesses and community institutions.

Farmer in a field of green crops using a tablet for his work.

Last-Mile and Adoption Programs

To complement the middle-mile network, SB 156 included $2 billion to build last-mile infrastructure, provide funding for local agency technical assistance, and a loan loss reserve. The California Public Utilities Commission administers these along with a suite of existing programs that support broadband deployment, assistance, affordability, and adoption.

Lack of broadband availability

This $6 billion investment will make broadband more accessible than ever before, expanding opportunity across the spectrum for students, families and businesses.
— Governor Gavin Newsom

Tools to empower communities

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