State Digital Equity Plan Development Process

Developing the SDEP will be a 52-week process and will include five key components designed to meet the goals of the Digital Equity Act (within the IIJA) while supporting California’s vision, objectives, and strategies for digital equity. These five components are:

  1. Statewide Planning Group (SPG)
    SPG will advise CDT on workplan execution, provide input on planning activities, integration of engagement recommendations, and finalization of the draft SDEP.
  2. Outcome Area Working Groups
    Outcome area working groups will focus on Education, Healthcare, Digital Inclusion, Economic and Workforce Development, Civic Engagement and Essential Services, and Tribal groups. They will provide strategies and recommendations to the California Department of Technology and SPG.
  3. Statewide survey(s)Gather statewide input to identify and understand barriers to digital equity among covered populations.
  4. Local and regional outreachEngagement events to generate community plan input.
  5. Statewide public engagementFoster ongoing communication and integration of individuals, groups and organizations involved in, impacted by, and interested in broadband.

Participating in the Planning Process

If you would like to participate in California’s SDEP planning process, please provide the following information:

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